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L.S.T. Lightweight Pocket Knife, Fine Edge, 22-06009
Part Number 22-06009
L.S.T. Lightweight Pocket Knife, Fine Edge, 22-06009
L.S.T. Lightweight Pocket Knife, Drop Point, Fine Edge, 22-06009
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The Gerber L.S.T. is the smoothest of operators. They were the first knives to combine a lightweight handle with premium quality high carbon stainless steel components. The handles on the L.S.T. pocket knives are made of fiberglass filled nylon, Zytel, and are nearly indestructible. All components on the LST are made from the same high quality steel as Gerber's other folding knives, and they are backed by the same limited lifetime warranty.

Special Features
  • Lightweight synthetic handle
  • Tactile texturing on handle
  • Lock-back design
Technical Specs
  • Model: 22-06009
  • Overall Length: 6.1"
  • Length Closed: 3.61"
  • Length of Blade: 2.63"
  • Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Glass-filled nylon
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Type: Fine
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
  I bought my first LST pocket knife about 30 years ago. It was perfect, small enough not to bulge the pocket and strong and light enough to do most everything. I gutted well over 100 white tail with it and split the breast bone to the neck on most. The knife came sharp and held the edge well. It didn't take a lot to hone the edge back to shave hairs sharp when it needed a touch up. My original came with camo scales and I really wish they would have continued to make the scales in that color. I lost the knife about 5 years ago and I had to replace it with one with black scales which is not important to performance but I prefer the camo.
  Reviewed by:  John Shutter from Lancaster, PA. on 5/17/2016
LST Pocket Knife
  I have had 2 of these over the years and lost them to security. This is a very good everyday light weight pocket knife. I could not find this knife in a store and ordered 2 of them from Gerber direct. Would highly recommend for everyday use.
  Reviewed by:  Scott Moore from Jonesboro, AR.. on 4/5/2016
  Great Knife... But why no pocket clip??
  Reviewed by:  tony from nc. on 9/28/2015
Love this knife
  I had to give away a couple LSTs to the TSA years ago, and then couldn't find them in stores any more. Seems all the big-box stores prefer to carry the orange-trimmed, nasty-looking, serrated Bear Grylls models instead of this simple, practical knife. Preferring a tool over a fashion accessory, I carried something else for a while, but missed my old LST. I finally decided look for one online, found them here, and bought two. It's just the right size, light weight, and does everything I need it to do. Love this knife.
  Reviewed by:  Richard Stevens from Up North. on 9/13/2015
The best little KNIFE
  This is my third and fourth knife of the same style and Stock Number. As I bought two of them this time. The other ones I had, one was worn out as I had it for a very long time and loved it then, The second one I lost it, so I had to get another one or two. Slim style to fit in your pocket without a bulky look to show through the pocket, Light weight and very durable. For the cost being very reasonable when you want one like this order two for yourself or have one for a gift even.
  Reviewed by:  Stephen Devers from Carrollton, Texas. on 8/29/2015
  i bought my first one about twenty years ago. i carry it it every day. it is like another piece of clothing i wear. then i lost it, and was really bummed. i ordered two more of the same knifes. i used another pocket knife while waiting for the order to arrive. nothing felt as good as when i received my order and put one of the berbers in my pocket. now i have a backup in case i lost another i will never be without one again. love these knifves
  Reviewed by:  john mitchell from cali. on 7/18/2015
L. S. T. pocket knife
  I bought two of the L.S.T pocket knifes. One for me and one for my grandson. I had not seen the knife before I ordered but I was really impressed when I got them. What a great every day carry knife that is built well. My grandson will use his for small game hunting. I highly recommend the L.S.T. knife. 5 stars.
  Reviewed by:  Ralph Hahn from Defiance, Ohio. on 6/29/2015
Lightweight pocket knife
  Very good quality and great value. Light, hardly notice it in my pocket. Good blade. I'm totally satisfied with my purchase. I do suggest paying a few bucks more for the larger blade, it's still only a bit over 2 1/2 inches.
  Reviewed by:  John Selawsky from 1912 Blake St. Berkeley CA 94704. on 6/25/2015
  i have been using this knife for years, I enjoy the light weight in my pocket so easy to use
  Reviewed by:  Glenn Freirich from Black Mountain NC 28711. on 3/25/2015
  I have owned these knives for over 15 years. I have either lost them mainly at the airport or left them somewhere. I always reorder same knife and am glad Gerber has continued to make them. I always order 2 when I reorder out of fear they will discontinue. Best pocket knife...ever.
  Reviewed by:  Blair from Chattanooga, TN . on 3/22/2015
  By far the best pocket knife my husband has ever had. He lost his original one, tried to buy it locally but was told they were discontinued, I found your site and we ordered two just in case....
  Reviewed by:  Sandra from Louisiana. on 3/7/2015
  I first bought one of these at a gun show over 30 years, I guess, and the only time I've been without one is those brief periods after I'd donated it to TSA and had to wait for my order to come in. What's not to love? Light, sharp, and darned near indestructible. Just don't try to take it through the airport security...
  Reviewed by:  apd148 from Sedona, AZ. on 1/10/2015
golf enthusiast
  I've carried this pocket knife for more than 20 years and I lose them before they're worn out. I love them because they're thin and light weight and durable. When I was working, I used them daily and still feel naked without it.
  Reviewed by:  Jim K from Bullhead City. on 11/13/2014
  Great knife. Had one for many years but lost it. This was the only knif I wanted as a replacement. Lightweight, great blade.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff O. from Seattle, WA. on 8/17/2014
  Great knife. Had one like it for 20 years until the TSA got it.
  Reviewed by:  WAB from DE. on 8/15/2014
Gerber knife
  Good size, sharp, easy to open and close
  Reviewed by:  Schwartz from Surprise. on 4/20/2014
  I bought this knife by mistake but I kept it and it's the best pocket knife I've ever had. I bought the knife I should have bought as well for a Christmas gift- a folder sheath knife- my future nephew loved it as well. Gerber is just the best you can get.
  Reviewed by:  tim houlihan from ohio. on 1/17/2014
  My favorite pocket knife for 20 years. I've bought several. Lost one or two, gave one to TSA, gave a few as gifts. Left one in my garden one fall, dug it up the next spring. Washed it, it was perfect.
  Reviewed by:  DC from Rhode Island. on 11/7/2013
Lightweight Pocket Knife
  I have owned this same model knife for over 20 years. I've used it for just about everything imaginable, including gutting out white tail deer and cutting up through the brisket, I recently lost my original knife and purchased this one right away. I'm very, very happy with it. I own a lot of knives and this particular one is the best I've ever owned.
  Reviewed by:  Robert Boymistruk from Castle Rock, Colorado. on 9/28/2013
  I've carried this knife (22-06009) for about 18-20 years and love it. In my other pocket I also carry it's little brother, the 22-06050. They are light and great to have on hand. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Gary from usa. on 4/13/2013
knife lover
  Received one as a gift several years ago and was by far the best knife I ever owned. Tried to replace it after it was misplaced and was not successful finding one in retail. Purchased online from GerberKnivesDirect and was disappointed in the low quality. Particularly, the lock-back did not work.
  Reviewed by:  Mark from Greenville, SC. on 2/14/2013
L.S.T. Lightweight Pocket Knife, Fine Edge, 22-06009
  The quality has gone down since the last one I purchased several years ago, the blade edge was not symmetrical, more bevel on one side than the other. The worst problem is the availability of this knife; I went to REI where I previously purchased my other knife, and they don't carry it and can't get it online, seems that they only have the new Bear Whathisname stuff, great for kids and survival freaks but not just a practical all around pocket knife.
  Reviewed by:  gg from san francisco. on 12/18/2012
Service Technician
  I finer pocket knife you will not find, light weight, sturdy and holds an edge with ease.
  Reviewed by:  joseph raineri from Louisiana. on 3/31/2012
foodie explorer
  I use this knife for opening oysters and cutting cheese and fruit that we discover on our foodie explorations across New England. If you read on my blog about some tasty local treat eaten on the road, it was probably cut with this excellent knife. When my first broke after 15 years of loyal service (done in by a particularly tough Wellfleet oyster) I did not hesitate to replace it with an identical knife.
  Reviewed by:  Foodie Pilgrim from Plymouth, MA. on 3/14/2012
Jewelry Making Tool
  I use my knife for sculpting wax models for lost wax casting. It's small enough to fit in my hand and it's sharp enough to remove wax quickly, easily, and accurately.
  Reviewed by:  Gloria from Arizona. on 2/16/2012
Ambassitor of good times.
  This is the third L.S.T. I have owned.The 1st one I lost. The 2nd was stolen. I love this knife so much. It is very lite and weights less than my car keys. I never leave home without it.
  Reviewed by:  Ron Sjostrom from South of Chcago. on 2/1/2012
  Carried this knife for several years, only it had a clip that screwed into the handle. Also the one I recieved did not have 400 stamped on swivel end of blade as shown. Just wish the clip was still available. I assume cutting cost. But is a great, sharpe lightweight everyday knife. Guess the clip is no longer available, grrrrr! L.D. Floyd
  Reviewed by:  larry d. floyd from poteau, oklahoma. on 1/31/2012
  This is without question my favorite always carry pocket knife. It is small, light, sharp, and very easy to use. Mine has been used to peel apples for my grandaughters, peel wires for lamps and even used as a temporary hanger for a shade screen. I have recommended this knife to friends for years, and am considering them as special gifts for some of my associates.
  Reviewed by:  George from Northern georgia area. on 10/20/2011
Owner Happy Feet Lawn Crae
  Great knife,super light weight for the size
  Reviewed by:  Richard Benoit from East Greenwich RI. on 7/26/2011
  Lost my first one after carrying it exclusively for over a decade. Tried other brands but couldn't be satisfied until I reordered this specific knife. Only pocket knife I'll carry. Very light, barely know it's in your pocket until you need a knife. Then it shines. Awesome product at a great price from a trusted company.
  Reviewed by:  Randall Sides from Jasper, AL. on 5/18/2011
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