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EAB Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel Handle, Replaceable Blades, 22-41830
Part Number 22-41830
EAB Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel Handle, Replaceable Blades, 22-41830
EAB Pocket Knife, Stainless Steel Handle, Replaceable Blades, 22-41830
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The Gerber Exchange-A-Blade pocket knife uses contractor grade or standard size utility blades that can be easily replaced as necessary. The stainless steel handle works well as both a pocket or a money clip, and liner lock construction keeps the blade safely in the open position when in use. The blade screw is raised for easy opening.

Special Features
  • Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade 
  • Liner lock safety 
  • Nail nick for easy opening 
  • Pocket clip doubles as money clip 
Technical Specs
  • Model: 22-41830
  • Overall Length: 4.1" 
  • Length Closed: 2.4" 
  • Length of Blade: 1.7" 
  • Weight: 2.2 oz. 
  • Blade Material: High carbon K5 
  • Handle Material: Stainless steel 
  • Blade Style: Contractor grade utility blade 
  • Blade Type: Fine
 Customer Reviews Average Rating review  
Great Product
  Nice, small and sharp tool. Very useful and the blade is very easy to change.
  Reviewed by:  Ray A Miller from Ward. on 1/1/2016
Small business owner,automotive artist
  I ran across this blade while being trained a few years ago,bought one as soon as possible. If you're used to the regular boxcutter type blades out there,this blade is a sigh of relief. It's like going from a old clamshell cellphone to a brand new iPhone or higher end Android. Here's what sold me: very sleek,compact,strong,& refillable blades! Luv it,sold!
  Reviewed by:  Jimmy from Oxnard,Ca. on 12/11/2015
Un happy costomer
  bought this knife for the Gerber quality, but paid 20.06 for 2 day shipping and it took more than 4 days to arrive. Don't recommend this company. Buy yours from someone else
  Reviewed by:  Brett Hart from Akron, Ohio. on 7/4/2015
retired former cruise line exec. chef
  I collect small pocket knives and this is the one always in my pocket.Small,lightweight,versatile and as sharp as it gets!
  Reviewed by:  Doug Myhre from Cal.. on 5/3/2015
studio mechanic
  The best knife to hang in your pocket!
  Reviewed by:  James Gilliar from N.Y.,N.Y.. on 4/30/2015
  I have had the EAB for close to seven years now, and it is hands down the most utilized knife in my home. I recently bought three to store just in case I lose mine. Slender enough to carry in the pocket or use the pocket clip without feeling like a weight is pulling your pants slowly down. It is light and compact. The blades are incredibly easy to change. Once installed blades are secure and never fall out. Knife body itself is very durable (e.g. run it over with a pickup truck and it will be just fine sturdy.) I have heard people claim the clips fall off, but I have never experienced this. I have seen people complain because (they the operator) installed the wrong blade into a perfectly useful utility knife. Any knife used incorrectly is dangerous. Any knife used correctly is safe.
  Reviewed by:  Mitchell from Idaho. on 3/21/2015
Production manager
  I had this knife for a couple years and lost it. I replaced it immediately because it is the best knife I have ever had.
  Reviewed by:  darwin stork from Perris, ca. on 2/25/2015
  I like the knife, but cant dind replaceable blades that fit. standard replacement blades will not fit because of the screw.
  Reviewed by:  nevel Ehrhardt from 404 Galway Dr, Shreveport, La, 71115. on 11/23/2014
  My husband had one years ago and lost it. He had been looking for another one but was unable to find it anywhere. When I found it online, I immediately ordered one and he has had it in his pocket ever since.
  Reviewed by:  Mary Rials from Jayess, MS. on 10/28/2014
  honestly, my nephew already has one and brought it out at Christmas all the other guys liked it, so I ordered them for the Christmas present next year they are still in their original boxes but my nephew liked his so much I feel it was a good choice
  Reviewed by:  Donna from benton, arkansas. on 1/26/2014
  DO NOT BUY!! After three days with the only use being clipped to my pocket the clip fell off. I sent the knife in for repair and they LOST IT. The lady who took my call was UNSYMPATHETIC and made no effort to resolve the issue. Bad product, bad warranty service and very poor customer service.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff Emler from Newark Ohio. on 12/11/2013
Great Product
  I bought one for my Dad and myself. My Dad has carried a standard cutter daily for 40 years and wishes this came out then, Thanks, 2 very satisfied customers for life....
  Reviewed by:  Curtis from Bullhead City, AZ. on 9/5/2013
Best replaceable-blade folder I've ever owned
  I had one of these for two years. I gave it to a good friend and bought a new one. I had the second one for almost three years but left it on my work bench and it was stolen by a cleaning crew. I'm ordering a replacement ASAP and a spare. The only thing I can say about that larcenous cleaning person; they know a good knife when they steal one.
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Wisconsin. on 8/14/2013
  This is clearly the best utility knife on the market. Small, flat, takes large blades, best locking mechanism, and stainless steel parts. Great design and construction. Only one wish--that it had one hand opening feature.
  Reviewed by:  Floyd Halleckson from Wisconsin. on 2/24/2013
  I received this knife as gift it has been the handest tool I've owned. While icefishing I lost it down the hole and feel as though a dear friend was lost.
  Reviewed by:  Gordon Valgren from Minot, ND. on 2/21/2013
Great pocket knife
  I like the small size of this knife and the pocket clip. It's sturdy and I carry it daily.
  Reviewed by:  Gary Butryn from Arizona. on 1/24/2013
Set Builder
  This is the best utility knife I have ever owned. It is small yet strong and durable and looks great. Everyone at the shop where I work is ordering them.
  Reviewed by:  adam from New york . on 7/15/2012
Business Owner
  I have bought a total of 5 of these knives "so far"! The first for myself, then one for my son, then 3 more as gifts. I have had mine for about 5 years now. The quality of these knives is excellent. Because of the replaceable blades, you are able to keep a sharp blade at all times. They are small and sleek enough to carry in your pocket. With no protruding edges, they readily slip in and out of your pocket in an instant! I love them and will surely be buying more. Thanks for a GREAT product!
  Reviewed by:  Samantha from Texas. on 7/6/2012
  This is the best replacable blade knife I've ever used. It is very strong & durable, holds the blade securly in place even under the most stringent work conditions. I also required a belt clip to be strong enough to hold the knife securly on my belt-this one stays put! One caution I found is you should sit down over a clean rag to change the blade-screw that holds the blade in place is very small & can be easily lost.
  Reviewed by:  Dave B from Meridian, ID. on 2/3/2012
  Good quality product!
  Reviewed by:  Buck from Hobbs NM. on 1/24/2012
sharing your product with friends
  A Home Depot salesperson used a Gerber knife to cut this big sheet of wall board as we requested. It worked so well, we asked him what kind of knife it was. He talked about how much he used it and how well it performed.. We came home and placed the on-line order immediately. Word of mouth advertising in the best and we are sharing your product with friends who would used such a knife.
  Reviewed by:  Cathy from Georgia. on 11/30/2011
  i love this knife i have bought about 10 to 12 of these knifes cause every time i would loaned one to some one at work i would have to fight to get it back so i would tell them to keep and would go buy another one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Keith W. Smith from 354 iron workers rd Clarksville TN 37043 . on 10/1/2011
  This is the safest utility knife we have ever used. Blades are secured by a stainless steel screw .. So no accidents because of a dislodged blade.
  Reviewed by:  Everett M Windover from Colchester. on 9/29/2011
jack of many trades but master of only a few
  if you use your knife, this is the best all around knife out there. if you use the copper color titanium blades from Lowes you wont have to change the blades very often. to the one that designed this knife, YOU ROCK!!! way to go. best knife out there for sure
  Reviewed by:  jason starkey from springdale ar. on 9/6/2011
EAB Pocket knife
  It's small, handy, convenient. Well made knife
  Reviewed by:  Penny Harvey from Oregon. on 8/25/2011
EAB POcket Knife
  I fish alot and use Spiperwire. Most knives do not cut clean enough to retie lures. The razor blade on this knife makes a clean SHARP cut allowing easier tying. I had one before and lost it so this time, I bought a spare.
  Reviewed by:  Ron from Oklahoma. on 7/4/2011
  Reviewed by:  Gary D. Wadkins from GRANBURY, TX. on 6/26/2011
  Love it!!! bought 2 yrs. ago in Fla. use a lot... carry 24/7,have striped big wire, & thousands of other uses, works as well as a large heavy knife, but small handy, light.
  Reviewed by:  William from RDU/apex area NC. on 6/2/2011
Easyto use
  Lightweight and easy to open and close. It's small but will do the jod of those big bulky box cutters
  Reviewed by:  Robert from Apex, NC. on 5/28/2011
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